Rechargeable Light Set

This rechargeable light set is a great way to add safety and more usability to your VierBike quadracycle.  This headlamp brightness can go up to 1600 lumens and is the world’s first light with a simulation of automotive anti-glare low and high beams with a wireless control.  If you have a motor this bike can be charged directly off your motor display.  The taillight will go up to 300 lumens and can last up to 27 hrs on a single charge.  This light set will make night riding much more enjoyable.

rechargeable headlight and taillight

FREE Shipping if bundled.*

* Free shipping to the lower 48 United States only if bundled with a VierBike or Metra Quad trailer. If not bundling this product, or if you want to ship to another location, please contact VierBike at (800) 531-2737 for a shipping quote.