Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will I Store My VierBike?


We hear ya. At first glance, the VierBike looks big. But, We’ve thought that out. The VierBike can easily be set up on end against a wall, meaning it will take up no more space then a 4’x4’ area. Rest easy knowing you won’t need to build another garage to store your new VierBike.

VierBike storage

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Can the Vierbike Sport be ridden by one person?

FAQ #4:

Yes! The 21 speed drive system allows for many gear options to allow one person to easily power the Vierbike. Additionally the Quadracycle offers a wide and stable stance even with just one rider.

Do I have to rotate the pedals at the same time as my companion?

FAQ #8:

No! The Vierbike is designed with our own unique independent pedaling system to allow each rider to determine their own pace and level of resistance. Our unique drive train permits riders of varying abilities to enjoy riding together regardless of energy level or personal ability. If one person becomes tired, they can take a break without having to keep their pedals moving.